from DARK ARTS • Jun 04, 2017
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once i asked you to fill an empty space 
to live inside the shadow of the life i had to face 
and though you took me, and made me feel alive 
i wonder just how much of me that you have helped to die 

just like a burn will linger 
she crept between my fingers 
and to my body she has now become 
a new disease 

a fog to cloud my vision 
more like an apparition 
she made a mess and now 
abandoned me 

so i had a revelation 
cause i found a new location 
a place inside your heart 
you thought that i would never see 

without a hint or notion 
you wrought without emotion 
a brand new world for you 
to toy with me 

so i thought i'd burn the bridge you made for me 
but when i did, all our love was left behind 
now what we've got to show is a memory 
and just like ghosts, it will keep me up at night 

and now i know 
that you are waiting somewhere 
watching me to see what i will do 

so i will go 
no, i won't stay to bother you 
the one thing that i counted on 
that i believed was true!