Released on Dec 10, 2011
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I am sleeping 
Found no time to wake 
No time to make believe I am alive 

Are you moving 
Or am I standing still 
Maybe what is true for me doesn't hold for you


All the words will fail to come out 
It's hard to speak with death in your mouth 
Two steps forward but a hundred steps wrong 
A second breath escapes from your lungs 
Before you've finally learned what to say 
It's too late, and they're gone away 
Stuck till the end of days in your head 
So many things left unsaid


one hand held to the sky 
and a furious battlecry 
these burning lights became her ornament 

as far as she has sought 
the empty grounds she's wrought 
she's found no one to share the sentiment 

in a lifeless, cold refrain 
she expresses her disdain 
for knowing everything she chose to know 

before the world began 
far away and now back again 
the time has come to feel the final blow 

but she has chosen now to chase another day 
with only what she's seen to guide her on the way 
It's never easy now to swallow your defeat 
and so she fights, but now she knows where she'll go the day it dies 

what has now become everything 
covered up so the sun won't sting 
the once defeated now defeats the foe 

ten thousand wars to wage 
with an army of filth and rage 
what you shall reap is made from what you sow 

one hand held to the sky 
her thoughts were amplified 
and she was heard with every implement 

all through the world she's been 
far away and now back again 
but she's found no one to share the sentiment


Watch out, you never know what's coming 
Breathe in 
The friends you thought you had are 
Never going to last 

So build me up, and bring me down 
It's not what you wanted, 
But it's what you wanted. 

And I believe that I'm surrounded 
By the crooked ones who'll bury me, someday. 

Stand off, away from all the ashes and flames 
Shout it out 
This isn't what you wanted 
This isn't what we wanted! 

Face me, and empty out your soul 
Let us know the way you truly feel is hardly what you show!