Released on Dec 28, 2013
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there's a story of a wolf 
who knew no enemy too fair 
he always minded to himself 
and never crossed the path of care 

but the world became his plight 
and that wolf put up a fight 
but now he's gone 
and no one can say, 
no one can say to where


in the dawn of every day 
i will miss the subtle rays 
of shooting stars 
and moonlight on the trees 
what once was in its place 
is now gone without a trace 
and i am left with nothing but a memory 

take me back to see that sky 
where the planets were not shy 
and the milky way 
was brighter than the sun 
when i stopped to share my sights 
i found no words to let me try 
and i am left with feelings only just begun 

yeah, i'm the wolf and i'll carry on 
there's only stars in my soul now 
so take me back to the summertime 
to the forest, and the night's call 

all the things i'd wish to see 
i know are waiting there for me 
the shooting stars 
and moonlight on the trees 
what once was in its place 
is now a dream for me to chase 
and i am left with visions of our galaxy 

like fireworks, i saw the lights 
filling up my shadow 
when night falls, the stars shine bright 
like a road to carry me home


it was cold that day 
with a cloudless sky 
as i felt your hand 
making peace with mine 

your image blurred 
in a distant view 
yeah, your back was turned 
but i thought you knew 

it was cold that night 
while the moon did fly 
but the darkness fell 
like a fog inside 

given up on hope, 
as i looked up high 
yeah my heart it spoke, 
and the stars replied: 

even though you're near, 
i'm light-years from your dreams 
but i feel no fear 
it's the loneliness i need!




everywhere they go 
it's like a blanket for the earth 
but they're so far away 
from what they shelter 

sometimes they fall 
and leave their mark upon the ground 
but it's alright, they will appear again 
just like us 

the sun has set 
and so the sky is now on fire 
and as it burns, 
i wonder what will guide us 

but now i know 
that there is light beyond the clouds 
and when they glow 
i see the stars shine through them 

don't fade away 
it's not your place to go 
and when the light comes through 
i know we'll find our way

The Gift

the stars appear along the treetops 
it can't be night until the sun is gone 
taken from dawn 

so where i'll go is just a secret 
between the dark and the cold mountaintops 
dusk is falling 

the trail is old, but the trees are older 
and as i walk, i leave the earth behind 
out of my mind 

so off the path my body wanders 
between the dark and the cold mountaintops 
i am calling 

i drift along just for the journey 
with only stars to tell me where i've been 
how far have i gone? 

like a sickness, it takes me over 
between the dark and the cold mountaintops 
the sun is rising 

look up in awe 
the sky is what i want 
you've seen it all along 
and my heart is 
burnin' up in stars 
yeah, it's really not so far 

although i search, i cannot find it 
an empty space within my memory 
a place of my dreams 

perhaps someday, i will awaken 
between the dark and the cold mountaintops 
where dusk is falling

Starless & Shadow

for the ones 
empty as the night sky 
who our voice 
doesn't dare speak of 

set us free 
high above the dark road 
you are called 
starless & shadow 

it is infinite 
there is nothing now 
beyond the edge 

as the night does fall 
see us through 
until the break of day


long ago when the world was brought to life 
the sun and moon resided in their place 
high above in the stars we watched them fly 
as time became the keeper of our days 

listen close to the nature of their cry 
the crimson of the sunset in their wake 
looking close for the shadows up on high 
as night consumed our chances of escape 

rising up with the wolves to see them die 
the sun and moon were subject to their chase 
seeing now how they streak across the sky 
their power may deliver us to waste 

far away when the world will end its life 
the sun and moon shall lose and turn to prey 
high above in the stars we'll watch them fly 
as time begins to enter its decay 

sink your teeth into the moon tonight 
you can never let the sun slip by




in the cold light 
the sun will start to rise 
above our lives 
and when it comes 
the dark will run 

in the cold night 
the face of death will rise 
to claim our lives 
but when it comes 
i will not run 

horizons, horizons


yeah it's everything i've wanted 
to run beneath the sunlight 
but the day will always hasten 
waiting for the chance to die 

yeah it's everything i've dreamed of 
to sit and watch the stars go by 
but the night will always chase us 
waiting for the sun to rise 

yeah, these stars are bright 
don't let them die 
don't cover up their light 
yeah, show me that sky 
just one more time




after all is said and done 
the night has won 
watch the stars disappear 
they burn out quietly 

and in the sky, we will know 
the sun will rise 
no, i won't look away 
i won't deny my soul 

in the light of the sun 
the day has come 
watch our lives drift away 
they burn out quietly 

but in our minds, we will know 
that it was real 
no, i won't let it go 
i won't deny my hope 

yeah, it arrives 
hanging low, in the sky 
dawn, wake me up 
but let me dream, before i die!