08 - Glory
from LIGHTS • Jun 04, 2017
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long ago when the world was brought to life 
the sun and moon resided in their place 
high above in the stars we watched them fly 
as time became the keeper of our days 

listen close to the nature of their cry 
the crimson of the sunset in their wake 
looking close for the shadows up on high 
as night consumed our chances of escape 

rising up with the wolves to see them die 
the sun and moon were subject to their chase 
seeing now how they streak across the sky 
their power may deliver us to waste 

far away when the world will end its life 
the sun and moon shall lose and turn to prey 
high above in the stars we'll watch them fly 
as time begins to enter its decay 

sink your teeth into the moon tonight 
you can never let the sun slip by