Released on Oct 29, 2011
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You always thought that I would crash and burn 
Let's check the facts 
I'm on my way to reaching higher ground 
And you're losing track 
It's not too long before I'm on your trail 
I'll take you down 
Just let me go, I've got the power, yeah 
Was lost but now I'm found 

Hey, you know I wasted time on you 
But now I know what's true 
No, I won't go back there anymore 
No I won't look for you 

So where's the pain of yesterday? 

Yeah, I feel like runnin' far away 
So I can chase my dreams 
So it doesn't matter anymore 
Cause now, I know what's true


You wore me to the bone with your lies 
A falling star alone, collapse and die 
Inside you there lies a key to my heart 
I breathe for no other sign 
But to show you I am here


I coulda made it with you 
And it's too bad you wouldn't come with me too 
We coulda done it, we coulda gone so far 
And now it feels like wishin' on a dyin' star 

Cause you told me that you didn't want to build a world with me 
You refused to open up and live your dreams 
You said you liked to stay beside yourself and never let me in 
And you only wanted to save me from your sin, but I said 

Where was our childhood? All of our secrets and nightmares? 
Did they mean so little you could cease to care? 
I'd like to know, why'd you have to go? 
I wanted to get lost, but I wanted you lost with me too


Another day, another way to make myself alive again 
But to my left there is a rock and to my right 
a hard place that we've all been 
I know you try as hard as I but there's no relief for what's been done 
And I refuse to be abused by the idea that I've done anything wrong 

No, I don't need you in this life 
Cause when I'm lonely I'm alright 
But who will fight for me when I fall? 
When I'm taken, once I'm gone 

I can remember last December that there was a time 
where we once met 
Out on a battlefield, a weary world where I've been buried in cold regret 
I let you in for just a minute when I was weak, and felt at home 
You left me hangin', shot my heart out with it bangin' 
while I stood frozen to my bones


I have been to many places, all of which I've never seen 
For the same I've left no traces, save for those who remember me 
What's the right solution, what's the way to breaking out? 

Here's a story I can tell you about someone that I once knew 
Who found himself, but lost his freedom, 
and didn't know what he should do 

After he had found his fortune, the world became a different place 
He knew he could not trust the people, 
and none would look upon his face 

Though the world had crushed his spirit, 
and cast him from their wicked grounds 
He didn't need the people's trust 
and he didn't want their shallow crowns 
What became of this old story about someone I call my friend? 
He wrote a song of grace and glory, and found that he was free again 

Oh, it feels so right to dream under the stars 
Where a part of me is free to roam where I belong!


Once I asked you to fill an empty space 
To live inside the shadow of the life I had to face 
And though you took me, and made me feel alive 
I wonder just how much of me that you have helped to die 

Just like a burn will linger, she crept between my fingers 
And to my body she has now become a new disease 
A fog to cloud my vision, more like an apparition 
She made a mess and now abandoned me 

So I thought I'd burn the bridge you made for me 
But when I did, all our love was left behind 
Now what we've got to show is a memory 
And just like ghosts, it will keep me up at night 

Well I had a revelation, cause I found a new location 
A place inside your heart you thought that I would never see 
Without a hint, or notion, you wrought without emotion 
A brand new world for you to toy with me 

And now I know that you are waiting somewhere 
Watching me, to see what I will do 
So I will go, no, I won't stay to bother you 
The one thing that I counted on that I believed was true


Hammer, swing down on me 
Become the killer of convictions and crush my impurities 
Oh, hammer, lay down your heavy head 
Carry my confessions cause you know that I won't rest 
Until the ground is made my bed 

Left with an empty soul, too late to hope you'll hurt me 
Made from a broken spirit, I've lost the life I never had 
She crept inside my mind, where all my secrets wander 
Tricked by a wicked woman, no way to get away from this 

You, you better suffer it somehow 
Holdin' on is never not your style 
Watch as the people knock you down 
Take another kick straight to your smile 

I tried to tame her ways, make this a life worth living 
Just like a wolf in sheepskin, she had a lion's attitude 
Her ranks enjoyed the ride, their fangs became my best friends 
Surrounded by an army, who only want to waste your flesh

Valley of the Shadows

There's a place not too far from where I know 
It's a hidden land, known only as the valley of the shadows 
I was told in my youngest years that I should never go 
And I believe there's a place like that, not far from where you know 

Will there ever be a place for me again? 
If only I could find the pieces of my broken life to mend 
And when I came across this hole in time I never meant to spend
Will I find my way back home from here? 

In my dreams, I have traveled far away 
To a colder land, where the sun reflects the nature of our ways 
And in time, we will seek a balm to cure us of this blaze 
Oh necessity, give us hope again, and guide us all our days 

We are broken in a world of night 
Let it go, let my soul take flight 
As it is written on the banks of sand 
I will fear no evil from the wicked land

Kinetics (feat. Tim Bonvallet)

Sense the stars all around my cold remains 
With their warmth, and light 
Chase me down with the ultraviolet rays 
Slipping through my eyes 

But now, a new world is made 
The remnants of death create what was laid to rest 
And now a new star will carry away 
All our fears, and pain 

With creation comes a real responsibility 
And it's a power we as humans will abuse 
We will go beyond the realms of sensibility 
And with it's guidance, we will see the universe


You may call, you may say I'm a voyager 
Far from here, I will pass the lengths of time 
Though I drift, a direction finds itself 
Breathe into my eyes where I've gone, and where I'm going 

You may call, you may say I'm a traveler 
I have no home, I only wander on the edge 
Take me up to a higher place from here 
So that I may face where I've gone, and where I'm going

Cold Trees

Looking back I find many holes along the path 
Where there once was only kindness 
I saw you far away, with that same old knowing grin 
That would melt the fears I had about our love 

You and I, we ran, yeah we hoped we'd never lose this thought 
We'd keep it close next to our hearts 
Favoring our wants, we dispelled what darkness wrought 
The reality of where we are, and where we've been 

Cold, dead trees 
Brings me to my beaten knees 
Brings me to my knees! 

Watching out for us, every day the sun would rise 
Flooding light into our eyes 
In between the forest leaves, all the rays would give us hope 
Give us something now to live for! 

And I knew that where we went, there was no turning back 
A permanent reflection on our souls 
Gathering our thoughts, what we never really knew could be so true 

What has this world done to me and you? 

Cold, dead trees 
Brings me to my beaten knees 
Brings me to my knees!