05 - Volk
from PHYSICS • Jun 04, 2017
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I have been to many places, all of which I've never seen 
For the same I've left no traces, save for those who remember me 
What's the right solution, what's the way to breaking out? 

Here's a story I can tell you about someone that I once knew 
Who found himself, but lost his freedom, 
and didn't know what he should do 

After he had found his fortune, the world became a different place 
He knew he could not trust the people, 
and none would look upon his face 

Though the world had crushed his spirit, 
and cast him from their wicked grounds 
He didn't need the people's trust 
and he didn't want their shallow crowns 
What became of this old story about someone I call my friend? 
He wrote a song of grace and glory, and found that he was free again 

Oh, it feels so right to dream under the stars 
Where a part of me is free to roam where I belong!