07 - Hammer
from PHYSICS • Jun 04, 2017
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Hammer, swing down on me 
Become the killer of convictions and crush my impurities 
Oh, hammer, lay down your heavy head 
Carry my confessions cause you know that I won't rest 
Until the ground is made my bed 

Left with an empty soul, too late to hope you'll hurt me 
Made from a broken spirit, I've lost the life I never had 
She crept inside my mind, where all my secrets wander 
Tricked by a wicked woman, no way to get away from this 

You, you better suffer it somehow 
Holdin' on is never not your style 
Watch as the people knock you down 
Take another kick straight to your smile 

I tried to tame her ways, make this a life worth living 
Just like a wolf in sheepskin, she had a lion's attitude 
Her ranks enjoyed the ride, their fangs became my best friends 
Surrounded by an army, who only want to waste your flesh