Released on Jan 29, 2013
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there's a story of a wolf 
who knew no enemy too fair 
he always minded to himself 
and never crossed the path of care 
but the world became his plight 
and that wolf put up a fight 
but now he's gone 
and no one can say, 
no one can say to where


i will come and go 
there's no way to know 
which direction i have hailed 
sealing off the space 
from a hidden place 
for we will be far from burial 

i will show you how 
we can build it out 
follow where it leads us to 
open up the space 
to a newer place 
so we will be far from our bones 

what is real, with projections that we feel? 
save ourselves from the past and gone 
now I know! i've grown weary as i go 
i need someone to take me home


take a walk with your thoughts and remember 
where have your allies gone 
to the fires for the cold of the winter 
forgotten for too long 

let the eyes pass you by, what'cha thinkin': 
who's right and who is wrong? 

what a shame all the names goin' under 
reputation ain't got no soul 
in the heat and the death of the summer 
dried up and bleached as bones 

let our lives pass us by while we're dyin' 
but the worst is yet to come 

what is life alive? 

dreamin' under tombstones


in a dark room with darkened doors 
i call out 
barely walked halls tell stories now 
ooh, i'll listen 

what memories have we begotten? 
let our honored grieve as we bleed water 

take a deep breath, speak a final whisper 
"i'm sorry i'm not sorry" 
with a dim light, the smell of fire 
ooh, don't worry 

set a warning sign to all who pass it 
let it fall down, spit on the ashes 

take me to your house 
where the music's loud 
and everyone's insane 

we'll figure somethin' out 
yeah just you and me 
so we can run away 

take me to your house 
it's a chain reaction 
of love and all it means 

and i can work it out 
cause i really want to know a little more about you


oh starchild, rain your wisdom on me 
don't let us drown again, in all our wishful thinkin' 
oh starchild, bring your vessel to me 
and take me up again, when i am shot and sinkin'

Where the Stars Belong

the air is now on fire in dying sunlight 
a full display of colors leaking in between 
just look up to the sky, the one we're under 
i'm looking up there too 

the world is now alive in rising starlight 
reflecting all our wishes up and to the moon 
the galaxies collide in perfect power 
like fireworks for us all 

the outer realms of space are cold and empty 
forgotten all the warmer things since it's begun 
still dreaming of that place, of stars and treetops 
i'll get to it someday 

stand tall tonight 
look up to the stars 
i'm looking back at you 

the air is now on fire in living sunrise 
a full display of colors leaking in between 
just look up to the sky, the one you're under 
i'm looking up there too 

wait for me outside, that's where i'll be 
where the stars belong 
though our paths divide, we'll journey freely 
where the stars belong 

so long




you wore me to the bones with your lies 
a falling star alone, collapse and die 
inside you there lies a key to my heart 
i breathe for no other sign but to show you 
i am here 

at last we've sealed the hole between our lives 
an ancient war unfolds, it ends tonight 
my shadow will turn to dust in your light 
i long for another time, just to know 
that you are near


looking back i find 
many holes along the path 
where there once was only kindness, oh 

i saw you far away 
with that same old knowing grin 
that would melt the fears i had about our love 

you and i we ran, 
yeah we hoped we'd never lose this thought 
we'd keep it close next to our heart 
favoring our wants 
we repelled what darkness wrought 
the reality of where we are 
and where we've been 

cold, dead trees

The Woods

at the first i wasted all my life 
i hid in darkened rooms 
i didn't know what waited on the other side 
of where i knew 

at the first i kept my silent hopes 
i hid them in my heart 
from the people who were all afraid 
to tear the world apart 
but i'm not 

at the first i crossed unwritten lines 
i heard unspoken dreams 
come from places that i'd never been 
with long forgotten kings 

i saw the wishes from the falling stars 
i felt them hit the sea 
while the light came from the rising sun 
and scattered through the leaves 
and i saw 

in the woods i found a faithful friend 
who spent their days with me 
we laughed and cried and shared our hopes 
before i had to leave 

then the sound of crowds came rolling through 
i woke up in the streets 
with the people who were all afraid 
to live and seek their dreams 
and i said 

i can't wait until i find you again 
where have you been? 
i miss you 
carry me until i find the time to spend 
in the trees again 
i can hear you calling


before the earth 
before the sun and moon became, 
there was a light 
a burning fire 

you've seen it with your eyes, 
the empty sky 
bereft of any truth: 
it was hidden in the mire 

it rose up from the ground 
from dirt and death 
with starlight in its soul; 
a thin disguise 

to wander all of time 
to live our life 
and never die 
it waits! 
so it can pass you by


hello, and good day 
i've seen you here before 
when i had shared your pain 
felt it just the same 

what is on your mind? 
i look right through your eyes 
and see beyond our time 
past your human-kind 

best be on my way 
you say to me but i know 
you don't mean your words 
you wish that you could stay! 

who are you and I? 
you follow me inside my home 
and watch me die: 
give it up inside 

hold your head up high 
you look into my eyes 
and see beyond this life 
past our human strife 

best be on your way 
i say to you but I know 
you can't hear me say 
i wish that you could stay!


where does the sun shine 
when there are none to see? 
where do the stars go 
when skies are gray? 

it's been a long time 
but i feel joy inside 
and it's a shame now 
to say goodbye 

i feel the sun shine 
i see the stars through the clouds 
why do you tarry? 
time waits for none 

we only just met 
but it's the end of the line 
so here it is, now 
our big goodbye

Projections (Rchetype Mix)