04 - Haus
from PROJECTIONS • Jun 04, 2017
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in a dark room with darkened doors 
i call out 
barely walked halls tell stories now 
ooh, i'll listen 

what memories have we begotten? 
let our honored grieve as we bleed water 

take a deep breath, speak a final whisper 
"i'm sorry i'm not sorry" 
with a dim light, the smell of fire 
ooh, don't worry 

set a warning sign to all who pass it 
let it fall down, spit on the ashes 

take me to your house 
where the music's loud 
and everyone's insane 

we'll figure somethin' out 
yeah just you and me 
so we can run away 

take me to your house 
it's a chain reaction 
of love and all it means 

and i can work it out 
cause i really want to know a little more about you