10 - The Woods
The Woods
from PROJECTIONS • Jun 04, 2017
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The Woods

at the first i wasted all my life 
i hid in darkened rooms 
i didn't know what waited on the other side 
of where i knew 

at the first i kept my silent hopes 
i hid them in my heart 
from the people who were all afraid 
to tear the world apart 
but i'm not 

at the first i crossed unwritten lines 
i heard unspoken dreams 
come from places that i'd never been 
with long forgotten kings 

i saw the wishes from the falling stars 
i felt them hit the sea 
while the light came from the rising sun 
and scattered through the leaves 
and i saw 

in the woods i found a faithful friend 
who spent their days with me 
we laughed and cried and shared our hopes 
before i had to leave 

then the sound of crowds came rolling through 
i woke up in the streets 
with the people who were all afraid 
to live and seek their dreams 
and i said 

i can't wait until i find you again 
where have you been? 
i miss you 
carry me until i find the time to spend 
in the trees again 
i can hear you calling