12 - Metatron
from PROJECTIONS • Jun 04, 2017
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hello, and good day 
i've seen you here before 
when i had shared your pain 
felt it just the same 

what is on your mind? 
i look right through your eyes 
and see beyond our time 
past your human-kind 

best be on my way 
you say to me but i know 
you don't mean your words 
you wish that you could stay! 

who are you and I? 
you follow me inside my home 
and watch me die: 
give it up inside 

hold your head up high 
you look into my eyes 
and see beyond this life 
past our human strife 

best be on your way 
i say to you but I know 
you can't hear me say 
i wish that you could stay!