Released on Jul 01, 2013
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another place and time 
a second chance is given 
and the world begins, anew 
yeah, yeah


this is a trick
there is no sound
it is just an illusion

Set Yourself On Fire

i don't even ask for you 
i don't know you, and i do not care to 
it's just how you are, just how all of you are 

i don't even dream of you 
i don't want you and your filthy heart, no 
it's just me and it's always been just me 

who would even care to love 
an empty shell of a human, like you? 
it's just how you are, just how all of you are 

i can't even read your mind 
you have no thoughts in your filthy soul, no 
it's just me and it's always been just me 

but you can't remember 
you don't feel, and you don't cry 
how could i be so wrong 
when i felt that there was life? 

it's turned from innocence 
now nothing but a lie 
what a waste of hope 
what a shame it has to die 

set yourself on fire!


hide your face 
it goes from place to place 
it doesn't care about you 
or your filthy ways 

move as one 
it guides the rising sun 
sets the stars in motion 
and doesn't leave a trace 

cast away 
let us end this chase 
it escapes our vision 
to become our days 

now, it waits 
in a distant time and space 
to catch the dreams of dreamers 
accepting all our fates 

oh, starchild! 
rain your wisdom on me 
don't let us drown again 
in all our wishful thinkin' 

oh, starchild! 
bring your vessel to me 
and take me up again 
when i am shot and sinkin' 

oh, starchild, 
hang a halo on this world 
so you'll remember where we are 
so someday i can wish upon your star

Ghost Catcher

i'm in the business of ghost catchin' 
i look under rocks, and sometimes stones 
the souls that i find, i'm fetchin' 
cause they got a price laid on them bones 
oh yes they do 

so in the corners of dreams, hidden 
the last of its kind will live in fear 
and there it will shiver softly 
and know in its heart, the end is near 
oh yes, it will 

i'm in the business of scarecrow talkin' 
i find out a lot from sticks n' straw 
we chat at the river, walkin' 
to share all the things we done and saw 
oh yes we do 

so in the corners of woods, waitin' 
i'll be a-howlin' at your fears 
there you will shiver, softly 
and know in your heart that i am here 

carry me down that old dark road 
where the haze will fill my lungs 
lay me down in the cold black hole 
where the water will reach my tongue


gather up hope 
from the heart of the wounded man 
like a seed 
let it grow in an empty land 
raise it up 
like a voice to the broken and torn 

carry us onto the shore 
like a grain of sand 
with your sail 
guide us home from this desert land 
raise it up 
like a fire carried into the stars


and though i know 
the road to home is on my own 
i still wonder where i lost you 
on my way 

through the rain 
i walk towards a heavy glow 
and i wonder how i got here 
every day 

the times you told me 
you would stay here by my side 
i had trusted you to keep it 
to the grave 

when all is lost 
and you can't find the one you love 
you can tell me 
when you meet me on your way 

so where'd you go 
when i needed you the most? 
i couldn't find you in my dreams 

and now i know 
you've been lurking like a ghost 
not everything is as it seems 

you haven't left me now 
cause i followed you inside 
and you wondered how i 
figured out your lies

Our Kind

stones and bones in forgotten places 
so many souls who left no traces 
you and me in a dream 
made of only our memories 

no matter where you go in this life 
we are linked, our futures woven tight 
you and me in a dream 
made of only eternity


another place and time 
a second chance is given 
and the world begins, anew 
yeah, yeah 

you try to run away 
but they've left you feelin' colder 
well i know just what you seek 
yeah, yeah 
feelin' farther 

wake up from every dream 
reality controls you 
but i'm here to set you free 
yeah, yeah 
i'll make you stronger