05 - Ghost Catcher
Ghost Catcher
from REALITY • Jun 04, 2017
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Ghost Catcher

i'm in the business of ghost catchin' 
i look under rocks, and sometimes stones 
the souls that i find, i'm fetchin' 
cause they got a price laid on them bones 
oh yes they do 

so in the corners of dreams, hidden 
the last of its kind will live in fear 
and there it will shiver softly 
and know in its heart, the end is near 
oh yes, it will 

i'm in the business of scarecrow talkin' 
i find out a lot from sticks n' straw 
we chat at the river, walkin' 
to share all the things we done and saw 
oh yes we do 

so in the corners of woods, waitin' 
i'll be a-howlin' at your fears 
there you will shiver, softly 
and know in your heart that i am here 

carry me down that old dark road 
where the haze will fill my lungs 
lay me down in the cold black hole 
where the water will reach my tongue