07 - Heavy
from REALITY • Jun 04, 2017
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and though i know 
the road to home is on my own 
i still wonder where i lost you 
on my way 

through the rain 
i walk towards a heavy glow 
and i wonder how i got here 
every day 

the times you told me 
you would stay here by my side 
i had trusted you to keep it 
to the grave 

when all is lost 
and you can't find the one you love 
you can tell me 
when you meet me on your way 

so where'd you go 
when i needed you the most? 
i couldn't find you in my dreams 

and now i know 
you've been lurking like a ghost 
not everything is as it seems 

you haven't left me now 
cause i followed you inside 
and you wondered how i 
figured out your lies