02 - Road to Jupiter
Road to Jupiter
from ROAD TO JUPITER • Jun 04, 2017
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Road to Jupiter

i'm on the road 
to jupiter's light 
the crown of gold 
adorned with fire 
and when i look up 
into the night 
i hear its voice 
from starlit skies 
down here on earth, 
the world is not bright 
but still it shines 
beyond the veil 
and when i look up 
into the night 
the stars, they glow 
to lead me there 

i'm on the road 
to beautiful skies 
to heaven's gates 
and lofty sights 
the stars surrounding 
everything bright 
like clouds come low 
will gently rise 
in golden arcs 
the daylight will fall 
upon the face 
of all who see 
so even then, 
the darkness of night 
cannot conceal 
its purity 

i'm on the road 
to jupiter's light 
although it's far, 
I now can see 
and when i look up 
into the night 
all of these stars 
they're shining down on me 

so now in beauty and in right 
I will watch the sun give life 
carried high into the day 
and when the morning dies at night 
i will run and spread this light 
with the stars that fill my wake 

carry me on 
it won't be long 
till night arrives 
and all the sky 
is filling with light, 
and heavenly wonders 
after the dawn 
when night is gone 
and day will rise 
i know inside 
that jupiter's star 
will still shine brightly, now