10 - Angels
from ROAD TO JUPITER • Jun 04, 2017
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On wings of dreams descending from high, 
many lights of fire are filling our court of gold; 
Gloria (Glory)! 

White brilliance dawns a permanent day: 
There are never tears, and the planets, 
they ring with joy 
in excelsis (In High Places)! 

Fall down in awe: Who sees the sun rise! 
Wonders of this world 
can never be understood, 
modo sentitur (Only Felt)! 

The stars above join in with our host; 
sing of perfect light: 
Their voices will never cease, 
te: et ecce (You, Behold)! 

Hear the voices 
All around us 
Every one is a star 
Let it ground us 
Words of fire 
Leave the tongue and heart 
Take it higher 
Setting them apart 
Music of the spheres 
Burning any fears 
At the dawn of an era 
That is drawing near 
Rock of ages 
In a stormy sea 
Set me in the stars 
Let forever be!