12 - As Stars Fall
As Stars Fall
from ROAD TO JUPITER • Jun 04, 2017
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As Stars Fall

one morning over the mountains 
oh, the sun did rise 
but it did not dim the stars in the sky 
and in awe i tarried to watch it 
troubled as i go 
but this feeling won't last long, i know 

through daylight over the mountains 
all the stars shone bright 
i watched as planets fell from the sky 
and i felt it moving above me 
something was now right 
this world has changed and set me alight 

so what was done 
had just begun 
on the horizon 
we saw a new sun 
a dawn of time 
for all who see 
as falling stars 

and through the night 
the stars will shine 
a never-ending day 
would be our lives 
a dawn of truth 
for all who see 
as setting suns 

on that evening, facing the mountains 
a setting sun would die 
and it shone like golden fire in the sky 
so in awe, i tarried to watch it 
christened by its glow 
but it will return tomorrow, i know 

i can see the dawning 
stars rise up, surrounding 
beautiful, heavenly light! 
don't forget this calling 
someday it will find me 
and falling stars 
will carry me high