13 - Time
from ROAD TO JUPITER • Jun 04, 2017
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let us go 
to end this show 
the stars will burn out bright 
but this won't mean for us 
the end of the night 

stars are born 
and stars will die 
the dark above, it cries 
for freedom, life, and time 
to fill our sky 

shadows cast 
upon our past 
the future now is bright 
these dreams will dream for us 
the start of its life 

though this world 
is out of time 
a firmament will rise 
with perfect golden lights 
to fill our sky 

within this realm of time 
a new world will ascend 
perfect shining paradise 
where all will start again 

here we are: 
i've awakened into truth 
in a universe made new 
only knowing now 
that time can never hunt me, too 
i am the dawning light 

we are alive 
don't waste this time 
we will survive 
into a universe of light