Released on Feb 13, 2012
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Hide your face 
It goes from place to place 
It doesn't care about you, or your filthy ways 

Move as one 
It guides the rising sun 
Sets the stars in motion, and doesn't leave a trace 

Cast away 
Let us end this chase 
It escapes our vision to become our days 

Now it waits 
In a distant time and space 
To catch the dreams of dreamers, accepting all our fate 

Oh, Starchild! 
Rain your wisdom on me 
Don't let us drown again 
In all our wishful thinkin' 

Oh, Starchild! 
Bring your vessel to me 
And take me up again 
When I am shot and sinkin' 

Oh, Starchild! 

Hang a halo on this world so you'll remember where we are 

So someday we can wish upon your star!

The Journey of Sirius





Trust and faith 
Gone to waste 
All for something that I could not make 

Call it done 
You have won 
All the battles I would never wage 

What we feel 
Is not real 
It's perception of our broken minds 

And all my life 
I've been lost 
Now I know that giving up is golden 

Lay us down to rest 
Yeah, as for me 
I did my best 

So I'm fine without you 
Cause the truth has darkened 
All I thought I knew

Some Still Linger

some still linger 
some gave up and died 
others wander 
far from where you lie

Vega's Dreaming


Thoughts on a Cloudless Day

if I could see the future 
I would tell you everything I saw 
and then with my own words, 
I'd wipe it all away 

this lonely world 
it casts a shadow on your heart, and all I do 
is think about you 
each and every day 

and in my memory 
you know I'll be right there with you 
to make you smile again 
there's nothin' like those times 
and I will never forget that sunny day 

the fields have bloomed again 
and I can see you standing there 
yeah, we're the best of friends 
I've never felt so glad 
so I will never forget 

when I can see the future 
I will tell you everything I thought I knew 
and I would take it back so I could say: 

my lonely heart, 
it casts a shadow on this world 
and all I do is think about 
how I can get away

Burn (Bonus Alt Version)