01 - Starchild
from STARCHILD • Jun 04, 2017
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Hide your face 
It goes from place to place 
It doesn't care about you, or your filthy ways 

Move as one 
It guides the rising sun 
Sets the stars in motion, and doesn't leave a trace 

Cast away 
Let us end this chase 
It escapes our vision to become our days 

Now it waits 
In a distant time and space 
To catch the dreams of dreamers, accepting all our fate 

Oh, Starchild! 
Rain your wisdom on me 
Don't let us drown again 
In all our wishful thinkin' 

Oh, Starchild! 
Bring your vessel to me 
And take me up again 
When I am shot and sinkin' 

Oh, Starchild! 

Hang a halo on this world so you'll remember where we are 

So someday we can wish upon your star!