Released on May 31, 2012
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as it wakes 
it is rising 
it is rising through the fog 
and when it arrives 
what it offers is only truth 

so step aside 
let us listen 
let us listen to the words 
and when it speaks 
let the silence shake the earth 

as time forgot 
hear the story 
hear the story never told 
so when it dies 
do not mourn it, for the truth is known 

as it dreams 
it is falling 
it is falling through the stars 
and when it rests 
let the silence fill your hollow bones


when I'm feelin' far away 
and I've got no place to stay 
where will I go? 
you do not know my name 

and if I let you hold my place 
you'll deny me to your face 
what can I do to wash my ways? 

you became the guiding light 
but the fire did not burn brightly, now 
along the way, 
your death was quick to fall 

it was then I realized 
I had to open up my eyes 
to see the world I'd seen so long 

so when you're feelin' far away 
and you got no place to stay 
don't come to me 
I do not know your name 

and if you let me hold your place 
I will deny you to your face 
this is what we will accept as fate!

River (feat. Tim Bonvallet)

In a new state 
A found world of no one's claiming 
There's a body 
A new hive of thoughts in training 

It is told; in a place far from life 
You hear only silence 
Where we will go for peace, 
For ransoming guidance 

When the sun dies 
The stars fall, and Earth grows darker 
Our departure 
Will free us with all who wander 

It is told; in a place far from fate 
They know only freedom 
Where we will go for peace, 
To build a new kingdom 

At the river 
We become the ones who lost their way 
With no direction, 
It will flow until the end of days 

Lift the floodgates! 
Without fear it will become our place to stay 
In a land where only we will reign.


yarideki comes, but you don't know 
yarideki slithers to find you 
yarideki comes, but you don't know 
take away, take away, take away 
take us 

in the rain, in the dark, in the daylight 
there is no one, nobody can help you 
kill the old to replace with a new life 

yarideki, yarideki don't steal me

The Binding of Andromeda



another day, another way to make myself alive again 
but to my left there is a rock, 
and to my right a hard place that we've all been 
I know you try as hard as I but there is no relief 
for what's been done 
and I refuse to be abused by the idea 
that I've done anything wrong 

I can remember last December that there was a time 
where we once met 
out on the battlefield; a weary world 
where I've been buried in cold regret 
I let you in for just a minute when I was weak 
and felt at home 
you left me hangin', shot my heart out with it bangin' 
while I stood frozen to my bones 

no, I don't need you in this life 
cause when I'm lonely, I'm alright 
but who will fight for me, when I fall 
when I'm taken, once I'm gone




our colors keep us all alive 
so when you ask for your supply; 
I'll deny 

you cast aside 
all the traits that make up you 
just kill the truth 
it's what you do 

so justified 
humanity is cloaked from view 
what you exude 
is only what you want to 

I will confess 
the element of ectasy 
is one I need 
It's in my breed 

and all the rest 
they fall into their places 
just like they should 
it's only natural you would 

all our hate 
all our rage 
every feeling that we cage 
it only grows with age 
where have we fallen? 

where i've gone 
what I've known 
how I've lived 
And how I've grown 
It doesn't matter now 
cause I know that I won't last much longer here 

I can't abide 
by the rules you've written through 
each word is doomed 
I will consume 

with honored fate 
I step beyond your boundaries 
so where I am 
is only where I need to be


it was warmer out 
on a day like today 
and the sun had meant to be shown 
but the world outside 
was a shadowed gray 
and I knew why I felt so alone 

I was hiding out 
but I looked quite fine 
yeah, I wouldn't let it be known 
I'll disguise the fact 
that we missed our place 
so you saw how I felt on my own 

yeah I miss the time 
that we spent on our own 
watching clouds that sailed through the sky 
picking fights with swords made of cardboard tubes 
all the hugs that I gave when you cried 

it was cooler out 
on a night like tonight 
and the stars were calm in their rise 
but the world outside 
was ablaze with light 
and I knew why I felt so alive 

you look like everything I ran from 
Oh, Oh, Oh 
I know your body like the back of my hand 
and now I'll never have a chance to be myself 
so you can skip me with your heart again 

sending my confessions out to sea 
so nothing can come back to haunt me

Trespassers W

yeah all these things 
that we shared between ourselves 
a secret longing 
to find our lost desires 
what once was dead 
is beautiful again 
so it doesn't matter where we go from here