02 - Bones
from SUNDISK • Jun 04, 2017
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when I'm feelin' far away 
and I've got no place to stay 
where will I go? 
you do not know my name 

and if I let you hold my place 
you'll deny me to your face 
what can I do to wash my ways? 

you became the guiding light 
but the fire did not burn brightly, now 
along the way, 
your death was quick to fall 

it was then I realized 
I had to open up my eyes 
to see the world I'd seen so long 

so when you're feelin' far away 
and you got no place to stay 
don't come to me 
I do not know your name 

and if you let me hold your place 
I will deny you to your face 
this is what we will accept as fate!