06 - Stranger
from SUNDISK • Jun 04, 2017
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another day, another way to make myself alive again 
but to my left there is a rock, 
and to my right a hard place that we've all been 
I know you try as hard as I but there is no relief 
for what's been done 
and I refuse to be abused by the idea 
that I've done anything wrong 

I can remember last December that there was a time 
where we once met 
out on the battlefield; a weary world 
where I've been buried in cold regret 
I let you in for just a minute when I was weak 
and felt at home 
you left me hangin', shot my heart out with it bangin' 
while I stood frozen to my bones 

no, I don't need you in this life 
cause when I'm lonely, I'm alright 
but who will fight for me, when I fall 
when I'm taken, once I'm gone