08 - Centurion
from SUNDISK • Jun 04, 2017
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our colors keep us all alive 
so when you ask for your supply; 
I'll deny 

you cast aside 
all the traits that make up you 
just kill the truth 
it's what you do 

so justified 
humanity is cloaked from view 
what you exude 
is only what you want to 

I will confess 
the element of ectasy 
is one I need 
It's in my breed 

and all the rest 
they fall into their places 
just like they should 
it's only natural you would 

all our hate 
all our rage 
every feeling that we cage 
it only grows with age 
where have we fallen? 

where i've gone 
what I've known 
how I've lived 
And how I've grown 
It doesn't matter now 
cause I know that I won't last much longer here 

I can't abide 
by the rules you've written through 
each word is doomed 
I will consume 

with honored fate 
I step beyond your boundaries 
so where I am 
is only where I need to be