09 - Pacific
from SUNDISK • Jun 04, 2017
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it was warmer out 
on a day like today 
and the sun had meant to be shown 
but the world outside 
was a shadowed gray 
and I knew why I felt so alone 

I was hiding out 
but I looked quite fine 
yeah, I wouldn't let it be known 
I'll disguise the fact 
that we missed our place 
so you saw how I felt on my own 

yeah I miss the time 
that we spent on our own 
watching clouds that sailed through the sky 
picking fights with swords made of cardboard tubes 
all the hugs that I gave when you cried 

it was cooler out 
on a night like tonight 
and the stars were calm in their rise 
but the world outside 
was ablaze with light 
and I knew why I felt so alive 

you look like everything I ran from 
Oh, Oh, Oh 
I know your body like the back of my hand 
and now I'll never have a chance to be myself 
so you can skip me with your heart again 

sending my confessions out to sea 
so nothing can come back to haunt me