Released on Jul 13, 2015
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not long ago 
a shadow cast its name 
it said to me 
"i felt it just the same" 
but through the years 
the love we'd grow 
was buried under snow 
i am alone 

not long ago 
the world began again 
the sun was dark 
and the sky had filled with red 
and through the night 
the fires would glow 
but i could not get close 
for they shunned my soul 

come see the truth 
open your eyes 
there is a world unfolding 
and with a vision of endless sky 
see now the words of light 

not long ago 
a vision to me came 
and from the heart 
i heard it call my name 
and through its voice 
it gently spoke 
that "there is more to know" 
it's how it goes