Thank you for visiting this page. I am a musician of 14 years, and for the last 6 of those I have been known online as Wolfgun. I write music using a "tracker" called Renoise. Within this environment I use a variety of software synthesizers and effects, as well as control hardware synthesizers outside of my computer, in order to create interesting sounds and compositions. I also write and sing lyrics, which are featured prominently throughout my work, and help to tell the story of my journey. I am openly obsessed with space, as well as patterns of special relationships between all manners of things, including numbers and musical intervals. These obsessions form the basis of the creation of my music, and constantly fuel my interest in bettering myself as an artist, and as a person. Here on this website, you'll find a collection of my best works which are free for anyone to download and enjoy (although donations are possible, and appreciated if you can). Eventually this site will also host a number of other things related to my work, including a video directory, photography, multimedia experiences, and more. Whether you're a long-time fan of my work, or you're just discovering it, I hope my music stays with you, and you continue to enjoy it for a long time.
While downloading my work, you will be prompted to enter a donation. Feel free to enter '0' if you wish to download the work without donating. If you choose to donate, any amount is greatly appreciated, and I constantly use money from donations to improve my studio setup. By donating, you will be helping me to create bigger and better things. However, I will stress that it should never be an obligation to donate for my work, because I do not believe in holding music hostage behind pay barriers. This is also why you will never hear my work on services like Spotify, or Apple Music, because I believe very firmly in owning independent copies of creative works; that is to say, I will never be affiliated with any sort of subscription service that requires ongoing payments to enjoy, or any form of DRM. If you have any comments, questions about my work, or just wish to say hello, please feel free to send a transmission to [email protected].
From time to time, I have offered various physical products for sale, ranging from music CDs to T-shirts and jewelry. Most of these things will be limited in their runs, but I plan on eventually having some items that will be available always. If you have any comments about what merchandise you would like to see, or if you have questions about what is available at any time, feel free to send a transmission to [email protected].
I get a lot of emails from people asking whether they are allowed to use my music in various ways. I appreciate very much when people like my music enough to use it in creative ways. If you have questions about permissions like this, please send a transmission to [email protected] and we can probably work something out together.
Although I spend most of my time exploring the cosmos and designing sounds, I can occasionally be found lurking on certain websites. Facebook: Wolfgunmusic Twitter: @wolfygun Bandcamp: YouTube: Wolfgunmusic All of these places are maintained by me, and are my only official portals online. If you wish to directly contact me, for any reason, feel free to send a transmission to [email protected]. I do my best to respond to every message I am sent.
I'm happy you're interested in why this site exists! You might be thinking, "Wolfgun, I've already downloaded all your music. It's on every device I own, and I have burned 20 CDs full of your work! I can also access it on your lovely Bandcamp page. Why do we need this redundant, albeit very sleekly designed website?" Simply put, I love bandcamp as a store page, but it's limited to music (and minor video content) only. Over the past many years I've begun to expand my interests, and my catalog of works has grown too. In creating this website, I'm hoping to have a nice looking easy to use portal that anyone can view on whatever device they own - enabling easy display of my work, and simple access no matter where you are, as long as you have a connection to the internet. It also makes it easier to share my work ("Just visit wolfgun dot space!" is easy to say), and provide a more stylistically accurate "frame" upon which to build future projects. ...And as far as future projects go, as I mentioned earlier, there will be a lot of stuff that just won't work with Bandcamp alone. I want to create all-new experiences, and this website is a step toward that vision. This site has been carefully crafted by myself and Conor, without who's web coding expertise none of this would be possible.